This is our smallest apartment with 6 bedrooms and a modern italian kitchen and a sofa corner. Here we have rooms with 1 and 2 beds. We also have a bathroom with toilet and laundry machines. 

The apartment is located very central with walking distance to Bogstadveien, royal castle and Briskeby. Tram 11 and several busses stops just around the corner. Read more at Ruter.no

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¤ Single room: 5800 – 6500kr
¤ 2-bed shared room: 4500kr / per person
¤ 3-bde shared room: 3800kr / per person

¤ Deposit: 0kr.

The price is in norwegian crowns (nok) and includes power and wifi.
First the rent you pay the day you move in, and then always in advance before next month begins if you not tell us that you will move out.

Period of notice: We have a calendar month notice period which means that if you wish to move out in the end of April, you must notify us by email laest the last day of March.

Minimum one month lease.

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